What is Ghost Blogging and How Does it Works?

Okay, so you know what blogging, article writing, and content writing are all about but what’s up with this term called Ghost Blogging? Well, worry not I am going to explain to you what exactly is the term “Ghost” in blogging.

There are tens of thousands of words being published daily on the internet, there are blogs and website content being uploaded on millions of platforms. The one where the original author name is mentioned does not count in ghost blogging, so Ghost blogging is when you write a blog and do not get your name in the credits but you earn a specific amount which has been decided before.

So be it any medium, people can produce and receive content with anonymous name and leave a choice for the owner to name it with his or someone else. Why does he have the choice? Offcourse because he is the one paying for it!

You Blog as a Ghost!

Exactly ghost bloggers are anonymous, they don’t get any fame, name even if the post gets viral and people are enjoying it. This sound so weird but its ghost bloggers who want it this way, either they are not comfortable to make their name public or they are being paid extra bucks on writing for someone else’s name.

How do Ghost Bloggers Work?

what is ghost blogging

Well, Ghost Bloggers can work from anywhere, all they need is laptop and internet connection and they can just start their first writing project. Also, ghost blogging can be done in a proper office environment if the agency sells content writing as a service and you work for that company from home, Ghost Blogging is open for anyone willing to write for money and not for the name.

Is there a Career in Ghost Writing?

Well in the current era, and with the current boom of IT and social networks people related to the field of digital content are surrounded by tons of opportunities. Bloggers can make a very decent career by working as a ghost, there are many jobs at freelance websites like Upwork, Fiverr and also in the corporate sector. So anyone who thinks has good command over the language and can think out of the box for any given topic can at least give this career a try as the content writing industry is turning out to be very lucrative and is likely to improve even more by 2021. Many businesses and brands need quality content producers who can produce and deliver content for any upcoming website/blog. In some cases, you might not be hired directly by the company but you can be hired to work as a freelancer to fulfill the content requirement for ongoing projects. Bloggers can easily sell their talent and work to people and businesses that are ready to pay. If ghost blogger prefers to have a routine life and work under proper organization than he/she can simply pursue an agency for example GhostWriting LLC that delivers ghost content to businesses and authors.

Many Few People Know the Art of Writing?

Is this industry competitive? Well it might be competitive but seeing the need and demand of people on freelance websites or even looking at Google search volume for the term “ghost writers” it is quite evident that this industry is not going to stop any time soon and there are going to be more jobs for ghost bloggers

ghost blogger trend

Ghost blogger Jobs – Are They Accepted in the Society?

If you really want to earn a good paycheck then there is no point in listening to people who start the conversation with negativity and blame things often. If you’ve made up your mind to pursue a career in ghost blogging and writing than plan and set short-term goals. Build strong Profiles on social media and freelance websites. Get in touch with agencies who are ready to outsource content related work to freelancers. Also, make an appoint to check industry trends weekly or monthly on what other ghostwriting agencies are charging per word per article, it is likewise important to learn the current trends and market. If you don’t know how to deal with clients or agencies you will end up doing more work for lesser pay. Reach out to freelancers on Fiverr pretending to be a client, ask them prices for ghost blogging articles? Check search trends on google.com/trends if the demand is high there is no problem in asking a few percents more than usual.

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What’s All the Hype with Blogging?

People are giving more attention towards digital and online content than to print media and the recent stats for print media vs digital media are also in favor of digital media. Pretty much sums up how the current scenario is, people, grab their phone and start reading. They don’t have to wake up in the morning and wait for the newspaper to be delivered. The world is changing fast and everyone has a voice of its own. Unlike Ghost bloggers, they do have a voice but they prefer to keep it under cover! And it’s a personal choice after all.

For Businesses and Companies:

It’s a win-win situation for companies who have to meet a certain content requirement for the client projects or in-house projects. They just don’t have to hire a writer, they can simply hire a ghost blogger and pay per task. No concern of overtime, seating issues, giving other employee benefits just receive content make payments. On the downside, if there is an issue with the quality of the work, request ghostwriter for revision. While in worst case scenario always keep an option of a refund or make a rule to transact money only once the content is approved.

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Either you are a company that provides content writing as a service, or a ghostwriter yourself there is a lot in the industry that benefits them both. You want to launch a new website and you have no clue on how the content should be written. How you are going to write the Terms and Condition, Privacy Policy pages, but this all can be done professionally by simply reaching out to ghost bloggers. Pay them and get the work done in a matter of few days. A lot of people in the future are going to opt Ghost blogging as a profession and despite few drawbacks, it’s a good way for a newbie writer to start a profession. All in all Ghost content/blogs are everywhere on the internet, social network etc. A netizen would daily read a blog written by a ghostwriter but he/she would not know the name of the original author behind it.


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