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Exceptional Ghostwriting Services

We possess a team of exceptional writers and editors who have worked in conjunction with consulting agencies, prolific authors and a number of industry experts. With each passing day our popularity achieves a new milestone so does our resilience to deliver amazing ghostwriting services. From the initial planning to the instant when you open your book for the first time our process ensures everything is done with surgical precision.

Our Mission is to produce brilliance. Our words transform your idea into a lucrative masterpiece .Our ever-growing client list of bestselling authors testifies for the quality we deliver. Have you ever envisioned your idea in print? We’re here make sure your thoughts are transmuted into an accomplishment; to cherish for eternity.

Ghostwriting Features:

  • Research and Analysis of your idea
  • Planning and your manuscript
  • Writing intriguing text through comprehensive compilation of the analysis
  • Reviewing the text on the agreed guidelines
  • Thorough Proof-reading to ensure text is error-free
  • Polished Typesetting and Formatting to make the text publication-ready
  • Keen Browsing the best Literary Agency for your book
  • Providing Consultancy for Self-Publishing as well as Traditional Publishing
  • Designing your Book Cover
  • Executing Self-publishing service
  • Easy On-call communication from start till the end

Let us put your words onto paper and create a gateway to successful future you always envisioned. What is there to wait for? Let’s put your dreams in motion.

Why Choose Us to Ghostwrite?

Simply because we do it better. Your thoughts are irreplaceable, transmute them into words that transforms the reader’s passion into insatiable thirst for your work. Ghostwriting LLC. is your answer to all this. Armed with certified writers who possess verified author rights. We work alongside with New York Times bestselling writers and publishers who are committed, thorough in their approach and most importantly produce work of profound beauty.

Ghostwriting LLC. is where you get to experience all the captivating marvels of ghostwriting. Amongst our enthusiastic writers are individuals who have corroborated with some of the most respected publishing houses such as Bloomsbury, HarperCollins, Pearson and Penguin Random House.

World-Class Services

If there’s one thing we absolutely assure you about, that is our professionalism and exceptional customer service that we offer to our family of authors. We are dedicated to deliver you nothing but excellence. We treasure your ideas and value your enduring relationship with us.

Tailored Ghostwriting Process

Every client and manuscript is exclusive, which is why we begin our process by knowing you and hence make sure we deliver comprehensively on your publishing goals. Our entire ghostwriting process is, thus, customized to fit your criteria. Our inspired and confident ghost writers successfully corroborate with our clients to gain a keen understanding about them. The process ensures that manuscripts we produce are free from even the smallest possibility of an error.

Our Success Story

From the time we set foot in ghost writing industry till now, we have come across various clients mostly related to business ventures who got business books published while some belonged to certain infamous publishing houses, journalism agencies, renowned public figures, authors looking for a path to success and numerous others who earned prominent names among New York Times Best sellers. It is essentially due to our competent writers that our clients received countless opportunities from some of the widely recognized publishing houses whose names rest in the midst of the Big-Five publishing houses.

Tell Us About Your Book! Call Us 407-476-1192

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