Tips for Travel writing – Jot Down What You Explore

The world is a small place for some and for others, it is 24,000 miles round area to make memories in. That sounds a bit astonishing?  But you know what’s more amazing than this? It is the fact that people could make a million of memories when they travel around. Each of the places that exist delivers a different message, it amazes us in a different manner than the other places or maybe we carry a memory from a place that is special. Either way, a place makes the person remember it sometimes for the beauty that it has or sometimes for the memories that it creates.


But can you make the other people get the perception of what you have seen in a place? Or can you make other people visit a place by only your words? Well, this is what travel writers usually do. They make people travel to the places they have never been and to the places they have never seen. Travel writing is becoming something that people have started to cheer about. And why they would not? Your adventure makes you able to earn money. Doesn’t that sound amazing? To me, it feels amazing to wander to an amazing place, to witness an astonishing sunset or to fall from a cliff knowing that the water splash that is awaiting will give you the best experience of your life. But wait! Did you read something about earning money or getting paid? Yes, you read it right. Travel writing is a legit thing these days. All it requires is you being able to express what you see in words that people will like. Travel writing is making people live in a place by making your adventure to be depicted in the most artistic manner. It could be done for a number of purposes which starts from sharing the experience or writing it for your own pleasure or maybe writing a travel log to promote a sponsor company or maybe making the place to be promoted. Travel writing could be done for a number of things and as the purposes change many of the things changes for a travel writer but the thing that remains constant is about how the journey is explained in words that make the people relive those moments which are gone.

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But wait you think travel writing makes everybody interested? No, it doesn’t you make it interesting for other people to like it. Why would anybody be interested in knowing how you traveled and where you traveled? So, this makes people confused if anybody is not interested why anybody would become a travel writer and how travel writing would be a thing that people choose. Well, Travel writing is not what you think about it is not that easy but it is something that people love to do and something that people love to get through. But travel writing must be done in a certain way to make people like it. There are some steps that have been explained below to make a travel writer to get success in travel writing.

Show your presence to the people

The first thing or first step that has been stated that a travel writer in order to make himself to be presented himself to the people or companies. Show the presence through online portals depict how well you can write and make your interests in traveling to be exhibited. This could make people be interested in the things you write or could make company notice and when the opportunity knocks bang the door of that opportunity to make a loud announcement of yourself as a travel writer.

Pick a Niche

A number of people are wannabe writers or bloggers and the world is evolving around people being artistic and being lost in wanderlust. But if you need to stand out you need to pick a niche. The niche will differentiate you from others. This will create a difference to make you identified in the people and also to make the people know what you are up to. Mountain climbing, traveling to cultural or historical areas, road trip, and such other things could be picked. The niche will announce your passion and your authority which will make you a standout among other.

Start small with the aim to go big

You will some have to start and as a travel writer at first, you will have to exhibit what makes you different visit areas that are possible for you to visit at the start. Make people know what you are going to do next. Let people fall in love with your work. Show them what they want to see and everything that seems impossible to do in sense of traveling try to achieve it. But don’t stop if you face hurdles make plans and try to cross the hurdles. You know what people would love to see? The struggle that you have made to reach a specific place. The people would love if you reach there with a number of stories to tell. And these stories would make a difference between you and others.

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Know the point of writing before you write a travel log

Only explaining the journey might make people be uninterested subjective to how you present it but one of the important thing that is required for a travel writer is to know what he is writing for. The explanation of the journey, signifying the beauty of the place or maybe some promotions. The focus will change the style of writing and the target audience as well which is why it is said that before throwing the dart you must know your aim.

While these steps explained what a travel writer should do and discussed how he could do it there are some more things that need to be possessed by a travel writer to make his writing to be liked by people.

 Creative and innovative

Any form of art requires creativity and so does writing. However, the travel writer needs to be innovative seeing the place from a perspective that others don’t see or maybe a perspective that tells something about the place that is otherwise unknown. Transferring that perspective into a beautifully written piece of writing is also important for the travel writing.

An active observer

The active observation of a travel writer is the tools that he carries as his weapon. Picking points that are missed by others, connections that others fail to find and the stories that are hidden must be explored by the travel writer to make his travel writing to be an interesting one.


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The ability to create Dialoguing or skipping monotony

Monotony kills the interest and to make readers be interested a travel writer should know how to kill monotony. Varying the tone, showing the high and the lows. The rhythm of the journey as well as of the travel writing needs to be set in such a way that it does not makes the writing dry or boring. The interest is needed to be kept to make the readers give attention.

Loving the adventure and traveling

Travel writing is not only about writing but also about traveling. The travel writer must love to travel constantly for days, to explore new places, to gain new experiences and to make the world to be looked from the different point of views. The ability to love traveling could spark an ignition to the writings and thus it becomes basic to make the travel writer love his entire work which is traveling as well as writing.

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What you love becomes your habit and how about making the habit to be your job? The source of your earning or the way that makes you rich maybe not with a handsome amount of money but with a satisfactory amount of money and rich in experiences? Well, people know it is hard to express what you feel and what you see but for writers, it is not hard but it what they want to do. They want themselves to be heard, listened and understood. A travel writer here wants his eyes to be transferred to people through his words, his experience to be felt by others through his writings. The money is a bonus, the bonus to the peace because the appreciation to the writings and the freedom to write is what a writer needs to feel peace. But the things that have been mentioned above could make you earn. Earn with the thing that you love, the thing that makes your life stimulating and the thing that makes you feel alive. For some traveling would be their lifetime goal while for some the same would be writing their hearts out. However, for some, the combination of both would be their source of feeling alive. Travel writing is not only a source of earning but also a purpose of living which depends on how lost you are in the lust of traveling and writing.

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