10 Golden Rules for Book Editors – Follow The Sparkles

Book editing! A word with a thousand different aspects hidden in it. For some, it is a job that makes people able to criticize the work of others while for some it is the job to improve the work of others. But what it actually is has been a mystery to some while a love to others. Book writing could be a tough job yet a good one everybody knows that but what about book editing?  People think book editing could be easy the only thing that editors have to do while being on job but it is not probably the actual case. Editing is a thing that requires a skill to see everything that is written with many perspectives. Probably from a writer’s perspective and from a reader’s perspective. An editor does to a book what a lapidary does to a diamond. They make the raw form to be converted to the best form of the same. However, their skills make their work to be defined. A good editor works on a book as if it is the best piece of writing that only needs polishing to make it look like a masterpiece. Also, there are a number of rules that make the book editors to make a written piece of the book to be enlisted as a masterpiece. Few rules have been listed below.

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Love it


Loving what you do makes you fond of it. But editors need to love their work as well as the work they get from others. They should not make the work look like a burden. Loving the work makes the writer do what other people will love. The enthusiasm must not be lost by the editor. Book editor must see what the best parts of the books are and should build a relationship with the book as if it is their own. Love what you do and it will look like fun rather than a job.

Explore your command


Your command is what you can do best and when the best is delivered to people they surely will like it. But this does not only goes with the writers but also with the editors especially book editors. The authority or command that they have must be exhibited in their work which will make the flaws to be reduced and the craft could be made as the piece of art liked by people.

Highlight the emotions


Two things are contemporarily sold as the piece of art. These are emotions and comic. However, for the book, the emotions beat the comics. A book writer must know how to turn the words into emotions that people relate to and this could be the best thing to make the ideas to be edited in the book.

Read the bad books to get the good book


Identifying the bad will make you develop the good. This is what book editors must do they should read the bad books to identify the dos and don’ts in their book.  Turn the bad things upside down and wait for your book to become a success.


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Have a purpose, Make a promise


The purpose is necessary but promising to achieve that is extraordinary. A book editor must have the purpose of what he wants from a book? What he looks to target? Whom does he want to attract? And with these questions comes a purpose that makes the vision to be cleared. The book editor must see what he wants to achieve and then should edit the book accordingly to make the goals to be achieved.

Tell people something that they don’t know

Being mainstream is out of fashion and unique is the trendiest thing. Making people know what they don’t know will get their interest in the book. Book, on the one hand, is about explaining the basic idea with the best way whereas, on the other hand, the book is about making something new to be delivered. Book Editors must be able to find new things in the book to make their target audience to be attracted.

Know your audience


This is a basic rule of anything that is to be exhibited. Knowing the audience is important to draft what you will be writing. Knowing the audience will give you the idea of what perspective and language to be shown in the book. However, for book editing, it could say that knowing the audience would make the book editor to analyzed whether the stuff that is written is understandable to the audience or not.

Spark Creativity

spark creativity

At times the writers might not see a thing creatively but the book editor must. It is his job to spark creativity to give the reader an entertaining experience. However, creativity is about giving something new or some new idea every time but it could also be about making the existing idea to be presented with a new perspective.

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Don’t be cynical


Don’t believe that people will be interested in the book by themselves. It is our job to make them interested. Book editing is one of the important parts of making people be interested. Remove the areas that are mainstream and make the ideas to be presented creatively. Give a handy and innovative title and make the audience to die for what you have written. The best-selling books make the audience to be grabbed and the worst selling assume that people will come to them by themselves.

Have conviction

Conviction makes the book editors achieve all of the points that have been stated above. Conviction is what keeps the spark in book editing alive to kick the spark of creativity in the book.

The book editing might look what like a job that is too easy but only these rules could make the easiness to be explored or else whatever you try will not help you to get succeed. The success in book editing does not only comes with creativity and innovation but by the diffusion of rules with the creativity.

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