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Comprehensive Publishing, Delivered!

Writing a book and publishing it are two very different tasks and often authors find the latter to be more challenging especially authors who have just began their journey in the writing world. Professional guidance is absolutely essential in the publishing industry otherwise you’re likely to sacrifice your valuable time and effort without substantial results—or you may even make mistakes that hinder your book from being considered by publishing houses or agents.

On the hind side of our massive bestselling authors list is the endless effort and dedication of our team who ensure that everything from concept to compilation is organized with utmost perfection. We are here to assist you throughout the exasperating process to give you the best possible shot at success.

We are here for YOU!

We have expert guidance and reliable advice for authors to make sure they follow the publishing process thoroughly and swiftly. Our clients have published some of the most incredible work and we have ensured that they were provided with the best publishing platform e.g. and Barnes & Noble

ghostwritingllc provide assistance for traditional publishing moreover we also guide for self-publishing. From basic assistance to handling the intricate process for you, all we need is your faith in us. Want your very own eBook? Our team will arrange all the necessary accounts are organize the material.

Our Publishing Services

  • Thorough reviewing
  • Cover designing & Illustration
  • Formatting
  • Self-publication assistance
  • eBook formatting and adaptations
  • Active assistance with all of the mandatory steps to publish your book

It’s the dedication that makes the difference. We take care of all the details no matter how intricate which makes your book stand out, from procurement of the ISBN number until your book is on the shelf, we are here for you.

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