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Finest Editing Services

Our methodical editing and formatting solutions will strengthen your manuscript and ensure that it is free of error, and comprehensively organized for publication. Whether you’re looking for straightforward proofreading, significant rewriting, or comprehensive ghostwriting services, we can customize our services to suit your manuscript’s requirements. Our vast client list includes bestselling authors, publishing houses, and first-time writers, and we guarantee that you’ll absolutely fall in love with the final product.

Our Service Options

  • Simple proofreading to correct typos, punctuation, and grammatical errors
  • Substantial editing to improve flow of text, clarity, grammar, and sentence structuring
  • Critical review on how to fortify your manuscript
  • Rewriting or paraphrasing to perfectly fit the manuscript
  • Ghostwriting original content to fill in the loopholes
  • Comprehensive publishing services and supervising the entire self-publishing process for you

Professional Editing Services

You deserve the best book-editing services available. Ghostwriting LLC offers you the exclusive opportunity to work with bestselling authors, editors, and publishing gurus who will assist you through every step of the process to ensure that your book is well-written, methodically edited, and ready-made for publishing.

Editor, everyone needs one!

Even the most talented and widely renowned authors rely on professional editors to raise the standard of their manuscript and proofread their work. The fact is that you’re simply too attached to your manuscript to identify errors or areas which require refining. The reality is that your manuscript needs a professional editor with expertise in modern publishing world and has keen understanding how writing industry functions.

We value your loyalty the most!

From the moment we establish contact, you’ll be treated with utmost professionalism, indisputable commitment and editorial brilliance. We treasure our enduring professional relationship with you. We enjoy high success rate in book industry and have collective experience of more than a decade.

Personalized to suit your needs

Our editing services are customized to your manuscript needs, this includes rewriting stroppy sentences, adding transitional expressions, ensuring consistent flow, or complete makeover of the content. We can edit as lightly or deeply as you prefer, and you can always avail our consultation on how your manuscript can be developed to stand out.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Every client and manuscript is distinct, which is why we concentrate on getting to know you so we can determine the perfect way to assist you in achieving your writing aspirations. Our top-notch team will be involved in each aspect of the development to guarantee outstanding service. We are available to you via phone and e-mail 24/7. You can connect to us whenever you want, we will be glad to be assist you with the best of our capabilities.

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